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I am a results coach:
a bold, free, authentic leader who is determined to live my purpose in life with passion, health, adventure and vitality! I am a firm believer that we can thrive regardless of circumstances… with helpful tools and resources! I love to provide individuals with opportunities to create and focus their vision to make it a reality. And, to live a courageous and confident life, ready to pursue even the uncertain.
My intention and purpose is to inspire and motivate you to take action – to create results in the area(s) of your life you want to transform and create a life full of vitality! Today is day one! Let’s start creating YOUR RESULTS!

It’s time to live The Way of the Champion!

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Join the 5-Day Vitality Challenge

The next live challenge begins April 18, 2022

This 5-day challenge will help you Tap Into Vitality in your life. We will have fun together for 5 days as we discover what Vitality looks like and feels like, how to build a reservoir to tap into at any time. You will be stretched to try new things, create consistency and experience abundance. We will challenge your mindset, your habits, your body, and your creativity.

If you want to take it a step further, purchase a 30-day canister of Vitality, which is the flagship product of the Tap Into Vitality nutrition line, and receive the SPECIAL CHALLENGE PRICING. Vitality is loaded with premium and pure ingredients to create energy, mental clarity and stamina – without harmful stimulants or added sugars. Your health is your wealth - body, mind, soul.

You’ll also get daily connection emails, daily challenge actions, support and encouragement, templates and worksheets, all within the Challenge App.

The Way of the Champion Success Journal (FREE DOWNLOAD)

This is so much more than a journal. It is a tool to define and cultivate the champion in you. It is an all-inclusive journal where you can create a daily routine, create vision and strategy, set and complete goals. This FREE resource includes articles and worksheets to help you in your daily champion living.


Vitality™ delivers a proprietary blend of vitamins, amino acids, and ingredients that have over $10 Million in clinical studies. It is safe and effective, without caffeine or added sugars.

Nourish your brain, increase your energy without a “high or jitter”, experience mental clarity & focus, and feel confident with this safe and effective beverage. Each serving is refreshing, delicious and is the perfect start to your day.  If you need an afternoon pick-me-up or you are heading out for a good workout, let Vitality, naturally, help you get the best out of your day.

Voice of Vitality Podcast

Welcome to Voice of Vitality! This is the podcast that's going to help you live your life now—on purpose—healthy, strong, and full of vitality to be the absolute best version of yourself. You'll find all things positive, empowering, motivating, and inspiring for you to take action and live like a champion so you can create the results that you want for your life.

The Way of the Champion Magazine

This magazine is full of articles, information and success stories to help you live your best life… and inspire you to increase your Determination, Confidence and Vitality in all you do. These are key elements to being a champion! Be motivated to take action in your life by paying attention to every aspect of your life — mind, body, soul — to be able to tap into vitality and live a rich and full life.

Grab your free digital copy of the magazine!

 “Train your mind, train your body, play full out. You are a champion!” — Michele Modellas

Transform Your Life 12-Module Program

Total Transformation… From the Inside Out

$247.00 (Regular Price $497)

12-Module Program

 Supporting You in Transforming Your Life — Mind, Body, Soul

Are you feeling stuck, complacent or want to make a change in one or more areas of your life?

It’s time to stop playing small, take the steps to CREATE RESULTS, THRIVE AND TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!

This program is designed to catapult you into an amazing life transformation so you can live fully and freely in all you have been created to be.  Living a life of purpose is such a gift.

90-Day Private, One-On-One Coaching

Let's talk about working together so you can achieve results. I offer a complimentary 30-minute call to discuss your needs and how we can best work together.

 The Learn More button will take you to the next page to find out more details.

Immersion Weekend

Goals — Ideas — Change — Accountability — Mindset — RESULTS

It all starts with your commitment to set aside time to work on you.  What better way than to spend a weekend away with other like-minded individuals, at a great location, to set the tone? The weekend immersion will allow you time for creativity, action planning, inspiration and strategy to create results for your life.

Let’s be intentional and get YOU Set up for Success!

Empowered Champion Summit

Imagine gathering together and listening to powerful speakers who are living their lives like Champions! The speakers will motivate and inspire you to create results in your own life.

This 2-day summit, hosted by Michele Modellas, features nine additional speakers. They share their wins with you. Be ready to connect/reconnect with your authentic self and unlock the energy to break through and quickly create results to Live Like a Champion. And, notice the possibility of shifting your life in incredible ways.

The live summit has been recorded and available to download and watch it today.

Tap Into Vitality TV

Would you like to have more VITALITY in your life?

Listen and learn quick tips and ideas about what you can do to create a reservoir to tap into.

Allow me to share with you practical and progressive tips and hacks you can do, daily, to create more confidence, joy and excitement in your life. Join me on my adventures and see what is possible!

Women in Transformation Success Journal (FREE)

The journey of Transformation takes determination and consistency. Using tools and resources to manage every part of your life to become and be your own best version of yourself is critical.

It’s time to boldly step into purpose. Use the Success Journal to take the steps to live YOUR life with abundance and greatness — Body, Mind and Soul!

One thing is for sure, unless we change…nothing will change. Allow me to help you get set up for success. I’m here with you supporting your total transformation!

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