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This 5-day challenge is all about creating the life you want to have. It may mean doing things differently so you can create different results… the actual results that will bring you the most excitement, and purpose, and everyday joy.

If you look back to March 2020, you may see that life created the need for all sorts of shifts. Shifting and adapting to all the changes we have encountered (good or not so good… or, let’s face it, maybe even bad) definitely has created the need to be creative — with our mindset, our body, our health, our finances, our activities, etc. This challenge is intended to be a reset, a refocus, or “a let’s try new ways” to have a life of Vitality.

 You are in the right place — I know a thing or two about what it takes to get through Life’s Stuff and still be able to tap into vitality and achieve results and success! I can tell you the toughest interruptions have produced some of my richest and most transformative moments for me. As a results coach, I may be best known for popularizing the concept of not only choosing vitality, but tapping into vitality, regardless of circumstances.  This is what can cause us to feel more alive and able to achieve whatever results we want for our lives.

 The Vitality Challenge was created for you… for this specific time… for you to create an amazing life for yourself.

 Are you ready to take action? I will be right alongside you every day for 7 strong days!

*Just $35 for the challenge AND a 30-day supply of Vitality...I'm even covering the shipping - Lowest pricing when participating in the challenge. ($55 Regular price for Vitality if sold separately)

Or, SUPERSIZE your challenge and get a 2nd canisters for only $37 more – Pay only $72. That's 60 days supply AND the 5-day challenge.

During the 5 days, you get to work on areas like:

  • Identifying vitality in your life
  • Limiting beliefs
  • How food, meals and “the basics” create vitality
  • Vitamins and Nutrients
  • Movement
  • MODELLAS Method
  • Circle of Vitality for your physical, emotional, personal, spiritual and financial health
  • Vision Casting
  • Action for Balance
  • Reframing conversation and fear
  • How you make an impact
  • Tips and Tricks to challenge your mind and body

 Also Included with the Challenge, you get:

  • FUN working within the app and interacting with other participants
  • Transformational challenges, daily, to create a reservoir of vitality in your life
  • Video coaching
  • PDF templates and worksheets for additional support
  • Daily focus for the challenge inside your classroom in the vault
  • Support, encouragement and motivation every step of the way

 This Challenge is for you if you: 

  • Are looking for ways to create more vitality in your life
  • Want to create healthy habits to improve your life
  • Are ready to practice positive actions that create results
  • Want to feel more energized
  • Experience “brain fog”
  • Want increased daily mental clarity and focus
  • Are looking for a community of support
  • Want to feel less stress so you can engage in and enjoy life more
  • Identify hacks to create an abundant mindset
  • Are looking to reset or refocus to achieve health and wellness results

Grab a friend too and bring them along — It’s more fun with friends!

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