Empowered Champion Summit

Welcome to the Empowered Champion Summit!

 With all the changes and life interruptions (good and challenging) this past year, I have seen the need for a new or renewed focus and reminder of the champion we already are.

 My heart’s desire for this 2-day summit is to empower individuals to connect/reconnect with their authentic self and unlock the energy to break through and quickly create results to Live Like a Champion.

The featured speakers have amazing insight, experience and results to share. I can’t wait for you to meet them.

 The speakers will share and be real and raw about their Wins and the obstacles they have overcome to create the results in their lives, both personally and professionally. They will share how they have stretched, dug deep, and shifted to become who they are.

 Come and hear stories and conversations from powerful speakers who:

  • Are Best Selling Authors
  • Have climbed Mt. Killimanjaro, in spite of a major health condition
  • Are successful financial experts
  • Own and operate successful companies
  • Have created global communities
  • Serve global communities
  • Share how to live an unwaivering life
  • Encourage you to incorporate Play into your life and business for a more fulfilling life

It is sure to inspire and motivate you! 

The content and conversations are invaluable. The flow of the interviews are connecting. You will glean so much!

The Empowered Champion Summit has the potential to shift your life in incredible ways. I invite you to lean in and be present with each of the speakers. Each one brings an entirely different subject but all related to how they are living their lives like a champion…in spite of any personal or professional challenges they have faced.

You will want to have a pen and paper to jot down notes for how you can apply some of the ideas the speakers used in order to create results for your own life.

Get ready… you are about to learn so much!

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