Immersion Weekend

Goals — Ideas — Change — Accountability — Mindset — RESULTS

Would you love to spend a weekend where it’s all about YOU? Have you ever thought about taking time to discover more about your purpose, your desires and goals you want to accomplish? The Immersion Weekend is where you can explore taking yourself to the next level ~ while being in a supportive and fun environment. Thoughts, hopeful goals and dreams you may be thinking about CAN be achieved.

The Immersion Weekend is a great time to set ourselves up for success. You may not always follow through with what you set out to accomplish…or even understand why you want the things you do or how to accomplish them. This happens for a couple of reasons...

Lack of Accountability. When we don't have the tools for success - a coach or group to hold us accountable, goals and dreams often fall by the wayside.

Mind Management/Negative Self Talk. Once we make a decision to move forward with goals and in our lives and businesses, it seems a conspiracy begins to form to derail us… fears, unresolved limiting beliefs, and negative self-talk begin to take flight to prevent us from reaching such big goals?

An Immersion Weekend offers a combination of personal work, brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a small group setting. The Immersion Weekend helps you set yourself up to achieve success and results. You will be challenged to set powerful goals, and more importantly, to create strategy to accomplish them. The immersion weekend requires commitment, confidentiality, willingness to receive feedback, coaching and ideas, and support other participants with honesty, respect and compassion. The Immersion Weekend will be a catalyst for growth and transformation.

We will be focused and spend our time wisely…and HAVE FUN!

You Can Do It ~ I Can Help You

Take part in an Immersion Weekend


Nest Immersion Weekend Date & Location – TBD


What’s Included in the weekend sessions:

  • Overcoming Limiting Self Beliefs
  • Life Balancing
  • Vision Casting – 4 major areas of life
  • Strategies to create successful action plans
  • Tools to create results with action plans
  • Group Activities
  • Healthy Food
  • Support and Encouragement


One of the principles I live by is to include fun in everything I do. So, there will be fun and movement included in the weekend. These are two muses to fuel creative and transformation.

You give to so many people in your families and circle of influence. And, one way or another, we have all been through challenges and changes. There is no better time than NOW, to revitalize you! Spend a weekend to discover, or rediscover, what you want and all the possibilities that lie within you. It will be a transformative weekend!


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